In July 2019, Casey brought his directorial debut to one of the most military populated regions, Tampa, FL. His work is impressive and the Academy of United States Veterans in partnership with Ranger Up were honored to host his directorial debut, Light of My Life at the historic Tampa Theater on July, 24, 2019. Affleck pours his time into philanthropic work and is working to immerse himself more into the military community. He has previously joined AUSV as the 2019 Mental Health Award presenter and continues to express care towards our veterans. Although this is not a war movie, it shares elements of survival that many of our service members can relate to. Upon arrival, Casey Affleck paid a visit to the children’s film camp organized by Tampa Theatre and Florida Center for instructional technology through University of South Florida College of Education on July 24, 2019. Later that evening, Casey screened his directorial debut for the first time in American to an audience of 700 veterans and military families. Casey’s compassion and desire to support our veterans and active duty members was definitely on full display during his Q/A session and the VIP experience for members of the military and community supporters. Once the screening began, the audience members were instantly hooked on the compelling story of a dystopian future where a father and his child journey through the outskirts of society, a decade after a disease wiped out half of humanity, trying to survive. Although this is not a war movie, it shares elements of survival to which many of our service members and veterans can relate. Tampa premiere of Light of My Life was sponsored by Ranger Up. Ranger Up is made up entirely of the sarcastic workaholic veterans who love America and the people who serve her. We believe in creating awesome stuff and have proven time and time again that awesome stuff typically comes from the use of whiskey. Ranger Up launched on 16 June 2006. We make shirts for the military and the patriotic Americans who love the men and women of the Armed Forces. The guys that own this company either were or are still in the military.

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