Summer Phoenix, Odessa Whitmire, and Ruby Canner


The new clothing boutique Some Odd Rubies, is named after it's owners Summer Phoenix, Odessa Whitmire, and Ruby Canner. Est. in 2003, the clothing store located on the Lower East Side was the result of a life-long dream of actress Summer Phoenix and childhood friend Ruby Canner. Later realized with the help of friend and fellow fashion addict, Odessa Whitmire, the shop has become the new trendy fashion stop for both local New Yorkers and the hip young Hollywood crowd as well. Believing that a high price tag doesn't necessarily mean high quality, and a strong desire to make new and improved the old and forgotten, Summer, Odessa, and Ruby have avoided the fashion industry mainstream and gone and done something original. Turning creativity and effort into high fashion. And in the process, turning a run down old store on the Lower East Side into a stylish new clothing boutique.

The boutique which carries an array of clothing as well as fashionable accessories focuses largely on altering and customising vintage apparel derived from thrift stores and second hand charity shops around the States. Customers may also bring in their own vintage garments for some in-store restructoring as well. Consultations are accepted.

Alterations, designing, and custom work is what you'll find at Some Odd Rubies....

Read articles on the boutique from both America's New York Post and UK's The Telegraph .

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Some Odd Rubies

Some Odd Rubies

151 LudlowStreet
New York, N.Y. 10002

Store Hours:
12 PM - 8 PM
Closed Mondays

Summer Phoenix in Some Odd Rubies