Morning Dove

Robert Tonner company "Ashleigh Chase" repaint OOAK

16 inch fashion doll.

Fully posable at the knees, neck, ankles, elbows, shoulders, hips, chest.

All original factory paint removed. Hair washed and razor cut.

Acrylics and pastels used with Matt sealer.

Liquitex acrylics and sealers used.

Brown eyes, top and bottom lashes in koal, feathered brows in black and walnut with sienna mixed. Lined and filled natural beige/nude shaded lips, blush.

French manicure and pedicure. Glossed eyes in clear glaze and then clear enamel coated for wettest life-like look. Nipples painted. Collarbone, breasts, and buttocks shaded and antiqued.

Male Indian Matt O'neill Doll Sold seperately

Male Indian Matt O'neill Doll Sold seperately